Siberia II - Project Background    
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The overall objective of SIBERIA-II is to demonstrate the viability of full carbon accounting (including greenhouse gases (GHGs): CO2, CO, CH4, N2O, NOx) on a regional basis using the environmental tools and systems available to us today and in the near future. The region under study is Northern Eurasia, covering an area of more than 200 million ha and representing a significant part of the Earth's boreal biome which plays a critical role in global climate. The tools and systems to be employed include a selected yet spectrally and temporally diverse set of multi-sensor Earth Observation instruments, detailed existing databases of field information and some of the worlds most advanced climate models to account for fluxes between land and atmosphere.

Siberian World Picture: Space and Earth

A symbolical map of the Universe - maybe the earliest image of such type in human history. The central, cross-like figure represents the "Spirith-Master of the drum". The space of the picture divided into two important zones: above you see the sky (Upper World) with stars. Below the horizontal line there is a human world (Middle World). In the left part, the shaman, holding the drum. Above him - Mountain rams. In the right part: The horse beneath the tree, this animal ready for sacrifice. Above, the same animal after being sacrificed. Its skin is attached to a special ritual construction called Tayilga. Andrei M. Sagalev Siberia Logo
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