Siberia II - Project Brochure    
 Project Brochure

SIBERIA-II brochure

The brochure contains project informations about:

    - The Carbon Dioxid Challenge
    - Scientific Objectives
    - Workplan and Products
    - Project Structure
    - The Consortium

Download:  SIBERIA-II brochure (2,06 MB)

SIBERIA-II brochure

SIBERIA-II final brochure

This brochure contains final informations about:

    - Background and Objectives
    - Earth Observation Products
    - Estimation of Siberian Carbon Budget
    - Conclusions and Recommendations
    - From SIBERIA-II to SIB-ESS-C

Download:  SIBERIA-II final brochure (4,66 MB)

SIBERIA-II final brochure
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